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LOCAL DISPLAY RATES - Costs per column inch
1-5 inches $6.60
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21-40 inches $6.30
41-80 inches $6.12
Size of ad is column number times inch depth = Total Column Inches
- Column Widths -
One column 1 15/16 inches (11.25 picas)
Two column 4" (23.75 picas) Three column 6 1/16" (36.00 picas)
Four column 8 1/8" (48.50 picas)
Five column 10 1/8" (61.00 picas)

MULTIPLE AD DISCOUNTS Multiple ad discounts are available for all advertisers running a minimum of 10 inches of display advertising per issue.
4 times per semester 3%
8 times per semester 5% Online ad rates are $63/month

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Carl Oliver new ASLC president

Financial aid, student inclusion top priorities

A new individual will be stepping into the role of president of the Associated Students of Laney College.

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Cat Vid Fest: a social experiment

It was enough to make Grumpy Cat smile. The Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival, held May 10 and 11, was a rousing two-day celebration of the Internet, art, and most importantly—cats.

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Collins is a trailblazer for gay sports athletes

The sports world was recently upended by the news that NBA player Jason Collins made his declaration in becoming the first male in a major U.S. team sport professional athlete to declare that he is openly gay and is still active in his sport. 

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Oakland youth speak truth to power

NAACP forum has kids asking tough questions

African-American youth filled the first two rows of chairs lining the congregation room of the Acts Full Gospel Church in Oakland on April 27, clad in white t-shirts reading “OAKLAND NAACP Youth Leadership Conference.”

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Bynes’ behavior: attention grab?

What has Amanda Bynes taught us lately? Sometimes there is such a thing as being too free.

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