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List of Photo Essays

  • Photo Essay: Dance for Life

    Photo Essay: Dance for life

    Laney College students celebrate the life and work of Dr. Lynette Stevens DeFazio through dance. In 40 years with the college, DeFazio helped form the Laney College Dance Department. The program included 16 diffrent performances from a variety of eras and genres.

  • Photo Essay: May Day Cover

    Photo Essay: May Day

    May Day protestors ring campus

    May 1 drew huge crowds of protesters across the nation. In Oakland, a mostly peaceful march included the Laney campus main entrance (top photo) before a return downtown where a few demonstrators bent on destruction battled with OPD as night fell.

  • Photo Essay 0.jpg

    Photo Essay: AAAS Community Action Faire

    The Asian/Asian American Students program produced a grand cultural event Wednesday and had a lot of fun. The judged event was the culmination of many students' projects examining peoples perceptions of Asian media and aesthetics. The students' efforts were accompanied by food and musical presentations.


  • Rotating Images 3

    Photo Essay: Crowds moved by Treyvon

    Protesters gathered in San Francisco on March 20 to demand justice for the killing of Treyvon Martin.

  • Outfits from the "Super Fly" and "Sophisticated Lady" collections

    Photo Essay: Teens 'Say it Loud'

    7th Annual Fashion Show

    Photos from the City of Oakland (CoO)-sponsored teen fashion show at the Molonga Center for the Arts, Feb. 25.

  • Drop the Swap

    Photo Essay: Drop the swap

    On February 14, Students and faculty petition Morgan Stanley to “stop breaking our heart” and end business practice that removes $1.6 million from school district annually.

  • OYO Title

    Photo Essay: Oakland Youth Orchestra at Laney College

    The award-winning Oakland Youth Orchestra was on the Laney Campus for rehearsals.


Carl Oliver new ASLC president

Financial aid, student inclusion top priorities

A new individual will be stepping into the role of president of the Associated Students of Laney College.

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Cat Vid Fest: a social experiment

It was enough to make Grumpy Cat smile. The Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival, held May 10 and 11, was a rousing two-day celebration of the Internet, art, and most importantly—cats.

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Collins is a trailblazer for gay sports athletes

The sports world was recently upended by the news that NBA player Jason Collins made his declaration in becoming the first male in a major U.S. team sport professional athlete to declare that he is openly gay and is still active in his sport. 

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Oakland youth speak truth to power

NAACP forum has kids asking tough questions

African-American youth filled the first two rows of chairs lining the congregation room of the Acts Full Gospel Church in Oakland on April 27, clad in white t-shirts reading “OAKLAND NAACP Youth Leadership Conference.”

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Bynes’ behavior: attention grab?

What has Amanda Bynes taught us lately? Sometimes there is such a thing as being too free.

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