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Stem Cells

How it works: Stem cell research

Stem cell research has long been a controversial topic. To its supporters, it holds the promise of curing many chronic and degenerative diseases. To its detractors, it crosses an ethical boundary. What exactly are stem cells, how far away are those cures, and why the opposition? Full story

Science Reference Center Front Page

Laney Library previews the Science Reference Center

For this issue's "How it works" column, I'm doing things a little differently and shining the spotlight on Laney Library's new Science Reference Center. Full story

Four Leaf Clovers

How it works: four-leaf clovers

Legend says they are good luck; science says they're a good look

Do you ever wonder what causes four-leaf clovers? Scientists have only recently been able to answer that question. Full story

Solar panels being used to charge electric cars

How it works: Solar Panels

A column about the science behind every day things

If you want to go green, switching to solar panels for your electricity is one way to do it.   But how do solar panels harvest light from the sun and convert it into electrical energy? Full story

Human heart MRI

How It works: The human heart

A column about the science behind every day things

Did you know February is American Heart Month? It's not all about valentines and candies.  According to the CDC, heart disease causes almost one in four deaths and it's the leading cause of death for both men and women in the U.S. For the first column in this new series, "How It Works" we'll look at how the heart does its job and what causes heart disease. Full story


Carl Oliver new ASLC president

Financial aid, student inclusion top priorities

A new individual will be stepping into the role of president of the Associated Students of Laney College.

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Cat Vid Fest: a social experiment

It was enough to make Grumpy Cat smile. The Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival, held May 10 and 11, was a rousing two-day celebration of the Internet, art, and most importantly—cats.

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Collins is a trailblazer for gay sports athletes

The sports world was recently upended by the news that NBA player Jason Collins made his declaration in becoming the first male in a major U.S. team sport professional athlete to declare that he is openly gay and is still active in his sport. 

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Oakland youth speak truth to power

NAACP forum has kids asking tough questions

African-American youth filled the first two rows of chairs lining the congregation room of the Acts Full Gospel Church in Oakland on April 27, clad in white t-shirts reading “OAKLAND NAACP Youth Leadership Conference.”

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Bynes’ behavior: attention grab?

What has Amanda Bynes taught us lately? Sometimes there is such a thing as being too free.

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