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Wood Tech hit by fire

Wood Technology hit by late-night fire

A small fire broke out at the Wood Technology Department area in room G 150 just before midnight on Feb. 26 Full story

Mama movie poster

‘Mama’: in with a bang, out with a whimper

Guillermo Del Toro brings dark fantasy back, following Pan’s Labyrinth

G uillmero Del Toro yanks his viewers into the film when he reveals the back story of a man who loses his mind and shoots his business partner and wife. He takes his two young daughters Lily (Isabelle Nelisse) and Victoria (Megan Charpenter) and decides he is going to escape to Canada. Yet his plans go awry when his car whirls out of control and down a hill where it crashes, leaving the family stranded.

Four straight for ‘Magnificent 7’

Short-handed Laney basketball team wins another BVC championship

The Laney College women’s basketball team, despite having just seven players for most of the season, made the Northern California Regional State playoffs for the fourth consecutive year. Full story

Pamela Mejia

Researcher Mejia ‘frames’ students

Media class guest explains various ways of viewing news presentation

Researcher Pamela Mejia “framed” 23 Laney journalism students on Feb. 12, and not one of them attempted to stop her. Full story

Mama C event

Photo Essay - Mama C

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Carl Oliver new ASLC president

Financial aid, student inclusion top priorities

A new individual will be stepping into the role of president of the Associated Students of Laney College.

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Cat Vid Fest: a social experiment

It was enough to make Grumpy Cat smile. The Oakland Internet Cat Video Festival, held May 10 and 11, was a rousing two-day celebration of the Internet, art, and most importantly—cats.

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Collins is a trailblazer for gay sports athletes

The sports world was recently upended by the news that NBA player Jason Collins made his declaration in becoming the first male in a major U.S. team sport professional athlete to declare that he is openly gay and is still active in his sport. 

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Oakland youth speak truth to power

NAACP forum has kids asking tough questions

African-American youth filled the first two rows of chairs lining the congregation room of the Acts Full Gospel Church in Oakland on April 27, clad in white t-shirts reading “OAKLAND NAACP Youth Leadership Conference.”

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Bynes’ behavior: attention grab?

What has Amanda Bynes taught us lately? Sometimes there is such a thing as being too free.

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